The Society meets in a spirit of friendship and goodwill to share in all aspects of natural history, geology, the countryside, its scenery, its flora and fauna, its use, its buildings, its history, the activities of its inhabitants, etc. Almost nothing is excluded.

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27th March 2015

Birds of the Falkland Islands

Speaker: Brian Anderson


Join Brian to share his stunning images of the wonderful birdlife around the Falkland Islands and the stormy seas of the South Atlantic. Often referred to as ‘a colder version of the Galapagos’, the Falklands support an incredible variety of birds, from albatrosses, penguins, petrels, caracaras and skuas, to snipes, meadowlarks, finches and thrushes.
Featuring over 30 species from 3 visits, all photographed against the breathtaking backdrops of these remote islands, this talk is visual treat for bird watchers and all lovers of nature, and not to be missed.
This is a joint meeting with South Lakeland RSPB.

7:30 pm (arrive early for parking)

The Ambleside Parish Centre, Vicarage Road, Ambleside, (adjacent to St Mary's church)

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